Parasite Support Mix MO caps 1 oz

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Parasite Mix

This is a blend of vermicides, treating intestinal worms such as tapeworms, hookworms, roundworms, and ringworm. DOSAGE: 2 Capsules a day as a preventative. For treatment, start with two capsules then add one capsule a day up to 5 or 6 capsules which is continued for a week. (¼ Teaspoon of powder = One 'OO' Capsule)

PET Instructions: Mix powder with tsp olive oil (& maybe fresh garlic for dogs) and pour over food like gravy. 1-10 LB=1/8 tsp daily, 11-30 lb=1/4 tsp daily, 31-50 lb=1/2 tsp daily, 51-70 lb =1 tsp daily, 71-90 lb=1 1/4 tsp twice daily.


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