About us

We carry about 300 different herbs, mostly of North American and European origin, although we are constantly adding herbs from other traditions as they become popular. None of our herbs are irradiated and we are beginning to carry more Certified Organic herbs, indicated by "CO" after the herb name.

We also carry herbs for diverse spiritual and ritual applications, from Frankincense and white sage to dragons blood. (We consider the store to be "nondenominational.")

Bulk Spices: We have about 40 different spices, many of which are also used medicinally. As with the herbs, our spices are not irradiated. The herbs and spices are packaged in 1 ounce, 2 ounce, 8 ounce and 1 pound increments.

Herbal Tea: We offer black teas and green teas plus a selection of medicinal herbal tea blends. Our teas are sold in bulk, not in tea bags.

Ginseng: We carry Chinese Red Panax Ginseng and American Panax quinquefolium Ginseng. (Siberian Ginseng is in the Herb list under its proper name "Eleuthro Root"). Ginseng is available in powder and capsules.

Herbs & Herb Blends in capsules: We carry our Herb Blends and major single herbs in veggie capsules. We also carry empty gelatin capsules and vegicaps in Double"OO" and Single "O" sizes to capsulize any of our herb powders. "The Capsule Machine" is only $19.

Herbal Extracts: The Herb Pharm brand of extracts is, in my opinion, the best in the country. We are proud to carry most of their products.

Essential Oils: Of our 100-plus different aromatherapy oils, most are undiluted, top grade essential oils. The oils are available in quantities from 1/3 fl oz to 16 fl oz. We carry a few oils in the 3rd and 5th pressing, which is not top grade, but they are more affordable then the top grades of those particular oils. We also carry fragrance oils (meaning synthetic) and essential blends.

Incense: We carry a wide selection of incense sticks in brands such as Nag Champa, Spiritual Guide and HEM Indian incense.

Aromatherapy Supplies: We have the major carrier and massage oils like Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Hemp and Jojoba plus specialty items such as Shea Butter, Lanolin, Beeswax, and Cocoa Butter. Plus we have clays: Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Fullers earth and Green and Red Clays.

Soaps: We offer Natural soaps such as Dr. Bronners Magic Bar soaps, Grandpas Pine Tar Soap and shampoo, African Black Soap.

Containers: We have glass oil bottles from 5/8 dram to 16 fluid ounces, salve jars, small metal tins, plastic squeeze bottles, spray bottles, beakers and eyedroppers.

Body Care: This includes ingredients for body care concoctions – butters, lotions, flower waters -- plus some ready-to-use products such as Natura’s DENTIZYME oral hygiene product, Tiger Balm and Adama Clay Toothpastes.

Books: Our books are focused on the uses of herbs and essential oils, although a few – Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Prescription for Herbal Healing and Healthy Healing – are more general health care books. We highly recommend that you research the herbs before ordering. We do not do herbal consulting over the telephone or e-mail.